- Japan's Fish Farming Hometown

The Uwa Sea where the calm scenery of continuing rocky sheltered capes meets the flowing nutrient rich Kuroshio Current. We strive to live and work in harmony with the fertile sea in order to protect Japan's key fish farming area. This is the starting point of Dainichi.

Shikoku / Uwa Sea, Bungo Straits - Inland Sea......
It is a rich blessing that, together with enthusiastic farmers, fresh lively fish continued to be loved by consumers. Now Dainichi enlarges its center of activity from its Japanese origins to the world.


Logistic System - domestic, overseas

Associated company Dainichi line

Our "Direct from the Pen" logistic system allows Dainichi Line, our logistics company, to transport fresh fish from the farm's pen direct to large consumer areas and clients. In addition, the transportation of live fish to circulating holding tanks in Tokyo and Wakayama further enhances our distribution channels to large consumer areas as this allows us to offer only the freshest fish.



Fresh fish for gifts
Fresh fish for gifts

With our attention to details and technology, Dainichi will ship yellowtail, flatfish, and red sea bream filleted or whole round directly to you anywhere in the world.

Salt Encased Red Sea Bream
Salt Encased Red Sea Bream

"Shiogama" or literally a "salt oven" is a faithfully reproduced traditional dish of red sea bream encased in mineral-rich natural sea salt mixed with egg white. The salt traps the delicate flavors of the fish as it bakes - truly a connoisseur's delight!


A local dish of Southern Ehime, handed down from the Edo era. Small whole fish are minced and then quickly fried in oil. This makes a healthy food rich in both Calcium and DHA.


Miso marinated sea bream
Miso marinated sea bream

The secret of this dish is the delicate taste of miso together with the fresh cooked sea bream. Your mouth will water upon smelling the fragrant miso and seeing the easy to eat slices of sea bream. The miso from the sea bream may also be used to make a delicious tasting miso-soup.

Chirimen (sardine sprat)
(sardine sprat)

A traditional Japanese dish of dried sardine sprat - chirimim. Many people love the pure taste and fragrance. Please enjoy the taste of superior grade chirimin straight from the comfortable environment of the sun and sea breeze of the Uwa Sea.

Kazanbai  (Naturally preserved fish)
(Naturally preserved fish)

Kazanbai is a traditional technique of using volcanic ash for drying fish. This method prevents the oxidation of the fish while at the same time removes any strong fishy odors. In so doing the flavors of the fish condense and is truly unrivaled.


In 2007, we started the trail farming of the extremely popular blue fin tuna. We plan our first harvest of tuna in 2009. We believe in the future tuna farming will continue to gain popularity. We expectantly look forward to our clients positive response to "HIME Maguro". As this market grows, we will continue to develop more efficient tuna feeds as well as perform hatchery and brood stock research.

blue fin tuna
blue fin tuna

blue fin tuna Farm
blue fin tuna Farm



We plan to freeze wild pelagic fish landed at a local port for resale as well as our own internal use. In fall 2008, we built a freezer storage facility the in Southern Ehime. The annual production goal is 4,300MT. Due to the remarkable recent increase in raw material costs, being able to secure economical high quality raw materials is an important issue. The sales goal for this plant is to provide frozen seafood for overseas export markets.

Frozen equipment externals
DAINICHI Freezer Storage Facility

Frozen Fish
Frozen Fish

Work scenery
Inside Freezer Storage Facility